US Vice President receives a grand reception in Israel after a cold response in Egypt and Jordan

Jerusalem : ‘I am honoured to be in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel’, stated the American vice president, strongly expressing the American stand in the matter. The American vice president received a grand reception on his first visit to Jerusalem after the American President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. While Israel is welcoming Pence, the Palestinian people and the leaders are protesting the visit by the v3ce president in strong words.

jerusalem, pence, israel,Vice president Pence reached Israel from Amman in a military aircraft. Mike Pence reached Israel on Monday and expressed the American commitment once again to the decision by saying “Jerusalem, the capital of Israel’. The American vice president said ‘this is a beginning of a new era to solve the problems of Palestine through discussions and peaceful means’. While addressing the reporters present vice president Pence said ‘The historical announcement that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel has paved the way for peaceful talks between Israel and Palestine. If the peaceful discussion process is initiated the issues between Israel and Palestine can be resolved. The reporters asked vice president Pence and Israel prime minister Netanyahu about shifting of the American embassy to Jerusalem.

Israel prime minister expressed the confidence ‘The American foreign affairs ministry had clarified that the American embassy, currently in Tel Aviv, will be shifted to Jerusalem although the process will take three years. But the American embassy will soon come to Jerusalem’.

Before reaching Israel, the American vice president visited Egypt and Jordan. Vice president Pence had to face a lot of opposition. King Abdullah of Jordan had criticised President Trump’s decision about Jerusalem in his speech. After this cold reception in Egypt and Jordan vice president Pence received a grand welcome in ‘Tel Aviv’ on Sunday night.

Israel prime minister Netanyahu welcomed vice president Pence praising him as a ‘great friend’ of Israel. Israeli prime minister targeted the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, opposing the mediation, by saying that the American mediation in the peace talks has no alternative. The prime minister of Israel also said that there will be discussions about the Iranian threat with the American vice president.

The American vice president will be addressing the Israeli parliament during his two-day visit. Some leaders as well as parliamentarians are going to boycott the American vice president’s speech. There were wide spread protests in the west bank by the Palestinian population against Pence’s visit to Israel. Palestinian demonstrators were shouting slogans like ‘American vice president is not welcome here, he should go back’.

Palestine groups other than Hamas from Gaza strip and Fatah from the west bank are protesting against the American vice president. Palestinian president Mahmood Abbas had warned that America cannot mediate between Israel and Palestine after they have declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel a few days back. President Abbas had appealed to the other countries to announce Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine to counter the move by Israel and the US.

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