Foul play suspected as fire breaks on 7 ships at Bushehr port in Iran

Tehran: – Seven ships were burnt down in a sudden fire at the Bushehr port in Iran. The reason for the fire is not known, but it adds one more incident to the suspicious incidents in Iran, over the last month. The most important Iranian nuclear power project is located in the city of Bushehr. Two weeks ago, advanced centrifuges suffered major damages, in the suspicious fire at the Iranian Natanz nuclear project and it was claimed that the Iranian nuclear program had been set back by at least two years. Against this background, the fire in the Bushehr port is being taken more seriously. On Wednesday, a major fire broke out at the Delwar Kashti shipbuilding yard, located in Bushehr, the busiest port in southern Iran. The Iran government news agency informed that a minimum of 7 ships in the shipyard was destroyed in the fire. The flares of the fire were so huge that the media in the Gulf claimed that the entire shipyard was destroyed in the fire. Just like the other incidents in the last month, the Iranian government has not given any reason for the Bushehr fire. But as per the information, help was taken from the military in controlling the fire.


Bushehr port

Another question being raised is whether ships of the Revolutionary Guards were among the ships destroyed in the fire. A month ago, information and photographs of 100 more patrol boats, being commissioned in the Iranian navy had been published. Therefore, this possibility of patrol boats coming under attack is being predicted. The Iranian government said that the fire was far away from the Bushehr nuclear power project. But the published photographs show that the location was close to the Bushehr nuclear plant. Therefore, the Bushehr fire is being added to the suspicious incidents reported from various parts of Iran, over the last month.

Bushehr port

Last month, fires and explosions have been reported from highly sensitive locations from around Iran, including capital Tehran. These include fire at the Natanz project, blast at the missile base and fires at a Chemical factory, an electricity project and a hospital. Israel is being blamed for the suspicious fire at the Natanz nuclear project. A Gulf media house accused that Israel started this fire through a cyberattack and thousands of advanced centrifuges were destroyed in the fire. Analysts claim that this fire has set the Iranian nuclear program back, by at least two to three years.

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