Taiwan and Japan initiate steps to counter China’s aggression

Taipei/Tokyo: Taiwan and Japan have initiated strong steps to prevent Chinese intrusion and aggressive actions in the marine sector. Taiwan has started ‘Han Kuang’ war exercise with 8,000 soldiers. At the same time, reports and photographs of the Anti-Ship Missile developed by Japan have been published. These developments, following the anti-China announcement by the United States, become significant.

Taiwan and Japan make moves to stop aggressive Chinese activitiesSince the last few months, China is consistently threatening Taiwan. A demand was openly made for an attack on Taiwan in the Chinese communist party meeting. Some of the Chinese leaders and military officials had expressed a view that this is the right time to acquire Taiwan, as the whole world is scrambling to control the coronavirus menace. The incidence of Chinese ships and aircrafts intruding into Taiwanese marine limits has also increased. Against the background of the pressure being exerted by China, the importance of the Taiwanese war exercise rises further.

Along with the divisions from all the Taiwanese defence forces, Reserve Forces and Coastguard also are participating in this exercise, named ‘Han Kuang’. The main objective of this exercise, falling under the Live Fire Exercises category, has been set as the ability to attack the enemy in the marine region. Taiwanese sources informed that F-16 fighter jets, Harpoon missiles, Patriot missile system, ballistic missiles, Anti-Ship missiles, Heavy Torpedoes and attack submarines were included in the exercise.

Taiwan and Japan make moves to stop aggressive Chinese activitiesTaiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen was present during the war exercise. The Taiwanese President lambasted China by stating that the security of the country depends on the strength of the defence forces. The Han Kuang exercise does not exhibit the Taiwanese military might but demonstrates the intensity of the Taiwanese resolve to defend itself. Taiwan claimed that there was a surveillance attempt by China during the war exercises.

While the Taiwanese war exercises were being conducted, Japanese defence forces published photographs of the new Anti-Ship missile. ASM-3 is a supersonic missile and travels at Mach 3 speed, meaning three times the speed of sound. The range of the missile is said to be 400 kilometres. This missile was developed by the Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. ASM-3 will be deployed in the F-2 fighter jets, currently operational in the Japanese air force and the new F3 stealth fighter jets. The Japanese sources informed that this missile was developed, because of the threat posed by the advanced Chinese warships and destroyers.

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