Second Civil war likely to spark, claims a ‘Rasmussen Reports’ survey

Third World WarWashington:  The opposition faced by US President, Donald Trump and heightened tension over the issue of illegal immigrants could likely trigger a second civil war in the United States.  Almost one third of voters in the United States likely think of this, claims a survey by ‘Rasmussen Reports.’ US Congressman, Steve King and analyst Charles Hurt too have claimed of eruption of civil war within the country and have drawn attention to the violent activities of the Democratic Party and its supporters.  A few days ago, Democrat representative Maxine Waters had incited the country against Trump Cabinet in a rally.

In the decade of 1860-70, civil war had triggered in the United States between the Southern states and the US government over the issue of slavery. ‘Will the United States remain united owing to this internal conflict?’ was the question raised. It is due to the ‘Rasmussen reports’, a dangerous possibility of the US facing such a destructive civil war once again, has come to the fore.

‘Rasmussen Reports’The ‘Rasmussen Reports’ conducted a poll interacting with around one thousand voters, asking about possibility of civil war between June 21 to June 24. 42% of which, believe that second civil war might erupt in the United States. Among them, 11% voters claimed of civil war very certain to ignite, whereas 31% voters opined that civil war may break out within next five years. The voters who predicted the possible civil war mainly included African-American , females and youngsters. Considering the political parties, 37% of Democrats have expressed the possibility of civil war.

While the survey from the polling company comes to the light, US Congressmen as well as analysts too have warned of the same. Last week, US Congressman of Iowa, Steve King also drew attention towards the possibility of civil war, referring to an incident of protesters occupying a government office in Oregon. At the time, citing the chronology of events responsible for the first American civil war, he claimed that the incident in Oregon was of similar kind.

Charles Hurt, an analyst working for the leading newspaper, ‘Washington Times’ has warned about the ongoing civil war. Attacks mounted by the members of ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement on the US police officials, terror and activities of ‘MS-13’ criminal gang members, influx of illegal immigrants and the criticism on President Trump by the Democratic Party, all of these are the factors contributing to the civil war, claimed Hurt.

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