After US warship diplomacy in the Mediterranean Sea; Russia holds war exercises in the Syrian marine region

Third World WarBeirut: Russia has replied to the United States, who issued a warning to Russia, through Warship diplomacy, deploying two of its aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea. As per the information received, the Russian navy deployed at the Tartous port in Syria held war exercises in that marine region. As per the media claims, these war exercises are a warning to the United States and its allies.

US, russia, war exercises, warship diplomacyA few days ago, two massive US warships, USS Lincoln and USS Stennis entered the Mediterranean Sea carrying fleets of helicopters. There is a fleet of 10 assisting warships and 130 fighter jets and about 9,000 soldiers with each of the US aircraft carriers. Therefore, this is considered to be the biggest naval deployment in the Mediterranean Sea. This is the first time since 2016 that two US aircraft carriers have been deployed in the Mediterranean Sea.

The United States has not only deployed the warships but has also carried out war exercises in the region. Deployment of two US warships in the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by Syria, Turkey, Lebanon along with Israel from the Gulf, Greece, Italy from Europe and Egypt, Libya, Algeria from Africa, becomes very important from a military strategy point of view. US Ambassador to Russia, John Huntsman, had issued a warning to Russia while giving information about the deployment of these US warships.

US, russia, war exercises, warship diplomacyAs per the western media, Huntsman issued a warning to Russia, who is at loggerheads with the United States on many international issues saying ‘Two hundred thousand tonnes of war strategy is in the Mediterranean Sea. This is a stage in advanced war strategy, and there is no need to say anything further. The need is to confidently resolve all the questions, unsolved for the last so many years.

Russia had avoided giving any reaction to the US warship deployment. But it is claimed that Russia has retaliated equally strongly, by conducting war exercises in the Syrian marine region. As per the sources in Tartous, the Russian warships practised live firing during these exercises. Locals from the Tartous port informed that Russia used a lot many rockets during the exercises. The news agencies have claimed that Russia delivered a message to the United States that it does not pay any heed to the deployment of the two US aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea and Russia cannot be pressurised in this way.

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