China modifies the map of India; removes PoK and Arunachal Pradesh from India

New Delhi: China, who pleasantly surprised India, by including Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh in the map of India, had now made changes to it. The Indian media had reported it previously, claiming China to have mellowed down. China that shows extreme sensitivity to such reports immediately made changes to the published map after that. China indicates the map to be published, inadvertently. However, China who destroyed thousands of maps depicting Arunachal Pradesh as an Indian territory a few days ago cannot make such a big mistake of releasing an incorrect map, at the BRI event. Therefore, it seems that China, with an intent to deliver a message to India must have displayed this map.

A three-day conference was held in China for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) project which was concluded on Saturday. The plan published by China on the very first day of the conference displayed Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh as Indian territories.

china, map, india, arunachal pradeshAt the same time, China had also tried to project India’s participation in Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Not only that, China had shown the disputed region, Aksai Chin, handed over to China by Pakistan, as Indian territory.

The map released on the Chinese trade department website was given immense publicity, by the Indian media. China has been appealing to India to join the BRI scheme. China had dangled the carrot in front of India by agreeing to consider the concerns related to the project if it enters the project first. However, India had vehemently opposed the Chinese project. This Chinese project passes through Pakistan occupied Kashmir, which is a sovereign part of India. The Indian government announced that unless China accepts and recognises this right, India will not mull over the project.

At the same time, Indian diplomats and analysts have expressed concerns that this ambitious Chinese infrastructure project, has been posing a threat to the sovereignty of other countries. However, the analysts also claim that the project will not become viable without Indian participation. Moreover, thus, China has had even attempted pressurising India. Furthermore, China released a map to appease India, to exhibit its softened stand, was the next step in the process. Nevertheless, the Indian media gave the message substantial publicity, noting the message China wanted to deliver. Therefore, it appears that China has immediately modified the map. China has not given any official explanation in the matter. Thus, the mystery around this deepens.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar (BCIM) project, will not fall under the BRI scheme. India had adopted a firm stance of not participating in the BRI which is the reason for the modification.

Along with India, the United States and Japan have also adopted a firm stand against the BRI scheme. China has been snarling all the economically weaker countries into its debt trap using this project, warned the United States. Japan also had notified to be cautious regarding this Chinese project whereas, Malaysia relieved itself of the noose, cancelling all its plans. It had come to light that China had acquired the Hambantota port from Sri Lanka, trapping it under the burden of debts. This, in turn, has increased the credibility of the accusations made by the significant countries against China, giving rise to uncertainty over the real Chinese intentions. In such a scenario, if India joins in the BRI scheme, it will provide a fresh lease of life to this ambitious Chinese project. Therefore, China has been striving hard and has even shown a willingness to compromise.

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