Russia, Iran, Cuba and China should stop interfering in Venezuela, warns US State Secretary

Third World WarWashington: US Secretary of State has warned that countries supporting the Nicolas Maduro government in Venezuela, should refrain from interfering in Venezuela. Russia, Iran, Cuba and China have declared support to the Maduro government, and Russia has deployed its soldiers in Venezuela. Saying that the future of Venezuela should rest in the hands of the people there, the US Secretary of State demanded that the other countries stopped interfering in Venezuela. rebellion against Maduro, which was started on the 31st of March, failed. It is alleged that the United States was behind this. But although the rebellion failed, it is obvious that the United States will be using all available avenues to bring down the Maduro government, in the near future. A strong possibility of the United States using the military force, for this purpose, was also predicted. But Russia has put its strength behind Maduro and has even deployed its soldiers in Venezuela. Therefore, the military option has become a difficult choice for the United States.

Against this background, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, currently on a visit to the Latin American countries, issued a stern warning to the countries interfering in Venezuela. Russia, Iran, Cuba and China have challenged the United States’ attempt to overthrow the Maduro government by taking a stand in favour of the Maduro. But the United States has warned that it was firm on its stance for a change in power, saying that the Maduro government in Venezuela is illegal and recognising Juan Guaido as the official President of Venezuela. Secretary of State Pompeo, during his Latin American visit, issued a stern warning that Maduro will have to step down from the seat of power in Venezuela.

interfering, venezuela, pompeoPompeo pointed out ‘The right of deciding the future of the country rests entirely in the hands of the Venezuelan people. Other countries should not meddle with that right. Therefore, Maduro will have to step down, and fair elections will have to be conducted in this country. This is not possible till Maduro and his supporters are in power in Venezuela.’ Meanwhile, the United States imposed a sanction against Cuba, a supporter of the Maduro government. Saying that Cuba has to decide its path, the US leadership has warned of more aggressive action against Cuba.

The Venezuelan economy is bearing a major brunt of the power struggle in the country, and there is anarchy in the country. The Venezuelan population is facing a severe food shortage, and thousands have escaped to the neighbouring countries. The neighbouring countries have been forced to deploy the military at their borders to stop this massive refugee influx.

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