Russia deploys super advanced ‘Su-57’ fighter jets in Syria

Damascus: The conflict in ‘Eastern Ghouta’ near the Syrian capital of Damascus is acquiring increasingly alarming proportions. The Iranian news agencies are alleging use of chemical weapons in the conflict which has already claimed more than 500 lives in the last 10 days. These news agencies blamed the Syrian rebels and terrorists that have support from the US and the Western countries, of being responsible for this. While the conflict in Syria intensifies, Russia has deployed its ‘Su-57’, the fifth generation super advanced fighter jets in Syria. The Israeli satellites have taken pictures of these fighter jets.

russia, fighter jet, syria, eastern ghoutaThere were rounds of allegations and counter-allegations between the US and Russia at the United Nations (UN), about the ‘Eastern Ghouta’ conflict. Following this, the UN Security Council (UNSC) appealed for a 30-day ceasefire and issued instructions to that effect. However, it is claimed that despite this, the conflict in ‘Eastern Ghouta’ has not ceased. On the contrary, there are claims of chemical attacks. The International Human Rights organisations have informed that there were 18 people having breathing difficulty in the area and needed treatment for the same. The Iranian news agencies are holding the Syrian rebels and terrorists responsible for this. Russia had warned a few days ago, that the Syrian rebels and the terrorists will use chemical weapons and put the blame on the Syrian regime. The Iranian news agencies are referring to this while making the allegations.

It is clear that Russia has deployed its super advanced ‘Su-57’ fighter jets at a time when the ‘Eastern Ghouta’ situation is getting aggravated. These are fifth generation super advanced fighter jets and their capabilities were on display at the air-show at Moscow in Russia last year. Now, Russia has deployed these super advanced fighter jets in Syria. Russia seems to have issued a stern warning by deploying these jets which are electronic-warfare-capable and equipped with an advanced radar system, to Syria’s enemies. Although, there is no official announcement of this deployment from Russia, the Israeli satellites have published photographs of these jets deployed in Syria.

The conflict in Syria has been aggravating since the last few weeks and the Israeli air attacks have made the situation even more horrific. Israel had lost one ‘F-16’ fighter in these attacks. Thereafter, Israel carried out air strikes in Syria while Syria had warned of a retaliation in case of a repeat attack by Israel. Iran has also been warning Israel over the attacks on Syria. Russia had warned Israel in a curt language that Israel would face serious repercussions, if it attacked Syria. But Israel had declared that it will carry out further attacks if necessary, ignoring these warnings.

Against this backdrop, the Russian ‘Su-57’ fighter jets have been deployed in Syria. At the same time, serious repercussions are seen in Syria as well as in surrounding regions because of the continuing conflict near the capital city of Syria. In a recent interview, the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said that the neighbours of Syria are also in the shadow of war now.

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