Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guaido intensely battle for military support in Venezuela

Third World WarCaracas: US National Security Advisor, John Bolton appealed to the Venezuelan army officials to overthrow the Nicholas Maduro government. Juan Guaido, who is backed by 50 nations along with the US had also urged the Venezuelan military for participating in the uprising to extrude the Maduro regime. However, he did not receive a great response. Maduro, on the other hand, has addressed about 4,500 military officials and soldiers ordering them to fight against people committing treason. Moreover, Venezuelan opposition leader, Leopoldo Lopez has taken the lead along with Guaido during the ongoing conflict, and the Venezuelan military officials have also claimed to have had a meeting with him.

The US seems all set to carry out military intervention in Venezuela at any moment. However, in such a case, Russia has indicated to give a befitting reply to the US. A Federal Assembly member had claimed that Russia had deployed nuclear weapons in Venezuela. But instead of carrying out military intervention in Venezuela and initiating another war front, the analysts argue that the US would try to topple the Maduro government with the help of Venezuelan ministers and military officials. Also, the US is observed to have initiated steps in that direction. Furthermore, US National Security Advisor, John Bolton had appealed to the Venezuelan military officials to oust the Nicholas Maduro government.

Nicholas Maduro, Juan Guaido, venezuela, millitaryBolton’s appeal warns the military officials that if they choose to be Maduro loyalists, they would have to face severe consequences for it. Juan Guaido too made an emotional appeal to the Venezuelan military for an uprising against Maduro. Even though he was able to garner support from a few military groups, he would not be able to challenge the army with it. At the same time, by delivering a speech in front of about 4,500 military officials and soldiers, Maduro has exhibited his strength and demonstrated his tight control over them. Guaido’s efforts, therefore, appear to have failed.

Maduro has indicated that the Venezuelan military will fearlessly take action against treason and the national adversaries. However, on Tuesday, the former Venezuelan opposition leader, Leopoldo Lopez appeared before the people along with Juan Guaido. In 2014, Lopez had been arrested after he challenged the Maduro regime and was moved under house arrest in 2017. Lopez is now, however, indicating his backing for Guaido. Moreover, in an interview to a daily, Lopez also claimed that the Venezuelan military would undergo a significant divide soon.

Lopez informed that a few Venezuelan military officials had also met with him and held discussions when he was in custody. The claim has caused a significant stir in Venezuela and has strengthened suspicions of the military officials likely overthrowing the Maduro government. Currently, Maduro is in power in Venezuela with the help of extensive military support. However, if the military changes its favour, it will be difficult for Maduro to hold on to the reigns. The constant political upheaval has led to the citizens of Venezuela experiencing severe shortages of food. The inflation in the country has skyrocketed, making it difficult for citizens to survive in the country. Hence, Venezuelan citizens are struggling to take refuge in neighbouring countries.

It has, thus, become nearly impossible for Maduro to earn people’s support in such difficult times; and hence, the hold over the Venezuelan military seems to be the only major strength with Maduro at the time. Albeit, if Lopez’s claims are valid, the tables may turn in favour of the opposition in the Venezuelan crisis anytime.

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