Rocket lands near the US embassy in Iraq, 14th rocket-attack in the last four months

Third World WarBaghdad: There were five rocket attacks in the high-security Green Zone, in Baghdad. It is claimed that three rockets, out of these, landed in the premises of the US embassy. There were no casualties reported. But reports are coming in of the United States castigating the interim Iraqi Prime Minister Mahdi, over the rocket attacks on the US embassy.

Rocket attacks on the US embassy have started since the last four months. Katyusha rockets are used for these attacks. It is claimed that Iran and its affiliated groups are equipped with these rockets. Therefore, the United States accused that Iran, Kataib Hezbollah of Popular Mobilisation Forces of being responsible for the attacks.

US State Department spokesman informed that before the Sunday attacks, 14 rocket attacks have been carried out on the US embassy, in the last four months. Till date, no rocket had reached the premises of the US embassy. But for the first time, three rockets landed in the premises of the US embassy, on Sunday.

Rocket lands near the US embassy in Iraq, 14th rocket-attack in the last four monthsCasualties could be avoided because of the sirens, warning of the attack. But the United States lambasted the Iraqi government, taking serious cognisance of the rocket attack. US State Department spokesman reminded ‘The Iraqi government should fulfil its commitment of providing complete security to the US diplomatic offices in Iraq.’

US State Department spokesman said in his reaction ‘There is tremendous pressure on the US embassy security and there is a major threat from the Iran affiliated groups. But the United States is not sitting pretty. In this situation, the United States is very cautious.’ The Iraq government ordered an inquiry following the lashing received from the United States in a tough language. The Iraq Foreign ministry expressed hope that these attacks will not affect the political relations between Iraq and the United States.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, during his visit to Iraq, had warned that Iraq government should immediately take measures to stop the attacks by Iran and its affiliated groups, on US soldiers and interests, in Iraq. Pompeo had reprimanded Iraq saying that if the Iraqi government failed to stop these attacks on the US interests, the United States would take action and it will not be beneficial for anyone.

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