One more US military base attacked in Iraq

Third World WarBaghdad: The ‘Camp Taji’ military base, situated to the north of Baghdad, is becoming a target for attacks by the terrorist organisations. The base came under attack by Katyusha rockets, on Tuesday in the night. It is claimed that a part of the base was damaged in the attack. It is predicted that the Iran affiliated terrorist organisation launched the attack in Iraq. The organisation is apparently carrying out these attacks to avenge the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

There are rocket attacks on the US bases every alternate day. Both the Iran affiliated terrorist organisations, Popular Mobilisation Forces and Kataib Hezbollah are taking the initiative to launch these attacks. 200 British soldiers also are present at the Camp Taji military base. Both the US and British soldiers were present at the base, at the time of the attack, on Tuesday night.

This time the terrorists used Russian made Katyusha rockets to attack. Two rockets landed at the base. Military spokesman Colonel Miles informed that no soldiers were injured in the attack. No organisation has come forward to accept the responsibility of the attack. Before this, eight rockets had been launched on a US military base, on Sunday. 4 Iraqi soldiers had been injured in this attack.

One more US military base attacked in IraqAt the beginning of this month, the United States assassinated the number two Iranian leader, Qassem Soleimani, in an airstrike. After that, Iran and its affiliated groups in Iraq threatened to avenge the killing of Soleimani. In the next few days, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards launched 22 missiles on the US military base in Iraq. Iran claimed that more than 50 US soldiers were killed in the attack.

Iran claimed that even the US air defence system could not intercept the Iranian missiles. Iranian supreme religious leader announced that this attack was a slap across the face of the United States. But the US military claimed that they had information regarding the attack, hours before the missiles landed at the base.

Lieutenant Colonel Chase of the US military informed that the US soldiers were moved to the bunkers following the attack. Therefore, the US military did not suffer any losses. At the same time, Iran could show the world that it avenged the killing of General Soleimani. This is the reason for the soft stand adopted by the US President against Iran instead of strong retaliation.

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