Pray collectively for President Trump, who became President because of God’s will and US, appeals Christian preacher

Third World WarWashington: Christian Preacher Pastor, Franklin Graham appealed ‘President Trump has faced more attacks than any President in the US history. But it is impossible to remove Trump. Because it is God’s will that he be the President. Still, the times are very arduous for Trump and the United States, and therefore, collective praying is necessary for Trump and the United States.’ 

Pastor Graham declared that 2nd June is a ‘Special Day of Prayer’ and appealed everyone to pray for President Trump and the United States. It is said that 250 Christian preachers will be participating in the prayers. While making this appeal, Pastor Graham pointed out that President Trump is essential for the United States. Pastor Graham accused that the enemies of President Trump are making desperate efforts, at all levels, to finish Trump his family and his political career. 

Saying that in this scenario, the only support for the United States and Trump is God, Pastor Graham claimed that Trump becoming US President was God’s will. The pastor said that Trump became the President as per a heavenly plan, and God has selected him. Pastor Graham said ‘The challenges faced by Trump will become more rigorous, in the time to come. The United States may be pushed to the edge. There will not be much time to recover from this. In this situation, it is necessary for the Christians to pray for President Trump, who has won because of God’s will, and the United States.’ 

trump, Franklin Graham, godPastor Graham informed that the prayers will be to appeal to the Gods, to interfere and find a solution for these crises. Graham said that it would also be pleased with the Gods to provide strength and guidance to President Trump to tide over these crises. Even in the past, Christian preachers have claimed that it is necessary to put the strength of prayers behind President Trump. Special prayers have also been arranged saying that collective prayers are need of the hour.

The Prayer meeting organised in the United States is the next phase of the same efforts. One of the groups in the United States is aggressively campaigning against President Trump and is expressing concerns that Trump will take the United States to netherworlds. At the same time, another group has strongly supported Trump, saying that he is the only one who is saving the United States.

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