Powerful explosion takes place at Iranian military base  

Tehran: – On Thursday, there was a powerful explosion near the Iranian capital of Tehran. Iranian media have reported that there was a gas tank blast near the Parchin military base. The Iranian government and the military have not revealed the cause of the blast. Therefore, it is raising suspicions regarding the incident. There was tremendous tension in the Iranian capital along with Parchin, for some time.   

military base

There was a major explosion in Parchin, home to an Iranian centre for nuclear testing and a military base. The cities of Pardis and Boumhen also were rocked due to the explosion. Photographs and videos showing an orange light being emitted from the blast site, have been posted on social media. Brigadier General Davood Abdi, the spokesman of the Iranian military, informed that there were no casualties in the blast. But Brigadier General Abdi avoided speaking anything regarding the cause of the blast.   

military base

As per the Iranian military, there was a gas tanks explosion, near the Parchin military base. But the military does not have a satisfactory answer to explain the suddenness of the explosion. Nearly two decades ago, Iran had created a sensation by testing explosives used in the nuclear warheads, near the Parchin base. The Iranian government had refuted the claims made by western media. Even then, the Iranian government did not have any answers regarding the explosion. Therefore, the blast on Thursday is being viewed with suspicion.  

Meanwhile, Iranian military movements are on the increase since the last few days. About a week ago, Iran created a dummy of a US aircraft carrier and practised missile lunches to hit the target. This was a warning for the US aircraft carriers, patrolling in the Gulf. Moreover, major war exercises were held by the Iranian coast guard, in the Persian Gulf. In this month, Iran had also exhibited its weapons, in capital Tehran. 

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