US to train fighter pilots from QUAD countries

Washington: – In view of the increasing Chinese activities in the Indo-Pacific region, the United States has made its activities more aggressive, in the sector, with assistance from India, Japan and Australia. The United States has clarified that it will be imparting training to the fighter pilots from India, Japan and Australia, who are members of the QUAD group. The United States will conduct this training on the Guam Islands, 2,600 kilometres from China, in the Indo-Pacific sector. This US announcement regarding the QUAD countries, following the decision to move its military from Europe to the Indo-Pacific region, comes as a warning for China.


A bill was presented in front of the Armed Services Committee of the United States. It was proposed to increase the state of readiness of the allies and partner countries, to strengthen the US military might, in the Indo-Pacific sector. Therefore, it is clarified that special military assistance will be provided to India, Japan and Australia, the countries included in the QUAD, formed on the US initiative. It was proposed to impart training to fighter pilots from these countries, for this purpose. Senator Jim Inhofe, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, revealed this information. US Secretary for Defence, Mark Esper may take some important decision in this regard, in the coming weeks. The United States will be imparting this training, to improve the state of readiness of its allies in the Indo-Pacific region. During the training the United States will be carrying out some important activities in the Indo-Pacific sector. A decision to deploy long-range anti-destroyer missiles, in Taiwan, could also be taken. The US media are claiming that the United States will make this decision given the increasing Chinese influence in the sector. At the same time, a joint military base of the QUAD members, the United States, India, Japan and Australia also may be in the offing. The joint army base will pose a serious challenge to China.

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