Ladakh police get independent identity

Leh: – The police in the union territory of Ladakh, working under the banner of Jammu-Kashmir police, till now, have been awarded their independent identity as ‘Ladakh Police’. Director-General of Ladakh police, SS Khandare, gave this information through an order. The new order notes that signboards, police vehicles, letterheads, official stationery, stamps and other items will, henceforth, carry ‘Ladakh Police’, instead of ‘Jammu-Kashmir Police’.


Last year, on the 5th of August, the union government removed the special status awarded to the state of Jammu-Kashmir and divided the state into two union territories. Ladakh was declared as an independent union territory. Thereafter, now the Ladakh police have been awarded their own independent identity. The order notes that the officers and employees of Ladakh police will not be carrying the Collar symbol of the Jammu-Kashmir police uniform, anymore.

The order also notes that the name Jammu-Kashmir police should be replaced with Ladakh Police, on the police headquarters. Meanwhile, the name is instructed to be changed on all the documents and other items. Khandare said that it would take a month to effect the change, completely.

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