International community supports India against cowardly Chinese attack

New Delhi/Washington: US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, retorted that China is a ‘Rascal country’ trying to grab Indian territory. Russia, Japan, Germany, France and Australia also expressed grief over the killing of Indian soldiers and clarified their stand.


20 Indian soldiers were martyred in a cowardly attack, in the act of betrayal, by the Chinese soldiers, on Monday night. Many Chinese soldiers also were killed in the retaliation, by the Indian soldiers. India reacted severely to the incident, which occurred while talks were being held between the two countries, over the Galwan valley issue. Indian Foreign Minister lashed out at China in harsh words and blamed that the Chinese attack was pre-planned. At the same time, the Indian defence forces delivered a strong message to China, increasing their deployments along the entire Chinese border from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh.

International community supports India against cowardly Chinese attackThe international community seems to be standing in India’s favour, following the Chinese action on the Indian border. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo and other senior US officials lashed out firmly at China over the attack on India. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, accused ‘China purposely created tensions with India, the largest democracy on earth.’ He created a sensation by referring to the Chinese rulers as ‘Rascals’.

At this time, the US Secretary of State also blamed China of trying to grab territories of its neighbouring countries, taking advantage of the camaraderie. Pompeo pointed to the crooked Chinese actions, citing the issues of the South China Sea, Huawei and Coronavirus pandemic. Along with Secretary of State, Pompeo, a senior official in the state department, David Stilwell, also indicated that the United States was on the Indian side, in the Indo-China dispute.

Stilwell said that a few days ago, the issue of the Chinese aggression on the Indian border had been raised, by the United States, during the meeting of Secretary of State, Pompeo, and the senior Chinese leader Yang Jiechi. Senior officials claimed that the US Secretary of State also demanded that China should provide details of the tension created on the Indian border. While reacting to the Indo-Chinese dispute, Stilwell reminded that even in 2015, China had made an intrusion attempt in the Galwan valley.

Following the United States, Russia, Japan, Germany, France and Australia have reacted on the Indo-Chinese dispute. These countries have expressed grief over the 20 soldiers, martyred in the cowardly Chinese attack. These countries have said in their condolence message that these soldiers were martyred while discharging their duties. The reactions given by the leading countries of the world, regarding the Indian soldiers, is a slap across China’s face.

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