Indian soldiers clash with Chinese soldiers intruding into Ladakh  

New Delhi – The Indian military foiled an intrusion attempt by Chinese soldiers in the southern part of the Pangong Tso lake. This act of aggression was done by the Chinese soldiers in the night of 29th to 30th August, while the negotiations were going on, between the Indian and Chinese officials regarding the withdrawal from the Line of Actual Control (LAC). China had a crooked plan to pressurise India with this intrusion. Recognising the Chinese intentions, the Indian soldiers intercepted the Chinese soldiers in time. A clash has been reported between the soldiers from both the countries at this time. But no details are available regarding the clash. China accepted the conflict on the official level. But China made a fuss that the Indian soldiers intruded into its territory.   


The Indian defence ministry published a paper regarding the situation in Eastern Ladakh. The Indian military accused that China took advantage of the diplomatic and military level discussions with India. While the talks were going on, the Chinese soldiers conspired to intrude into the Pangong Tso region to change the status quo. But the Indian military informed that the Indian soldiers, ready for any Chinese aggression, took action and foiled the Chinese plot. The Indian military is making efforts to establish peace and stability in the region through discussions. But the defence ministry said that the military is committed to protecting the sovereignty of the country. After this incident, the Indian military has increased its deployment and patrolling in all the areas around the Pangong Tso lake.   

It is claimed that some of the Chinese soldiers were captured by the Indian soldiers during the clash at Pangong. But the claim could not be confirmed on an official level. At the same time, both the countries have not revealed any information regarding the nature of the clash and the losses suffered by both the militaries. But former military officials and military analysts are claiming that a major jolt has been delivered to China, foiling the intrusion. At the same time, some former military officials believe that there has to be a military reply to China to inculcate some sense in its mind.   

Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Rawat, said a few days ago that if the Chinese border dispute is not resolved with discussions, India has an option for military action. Although China has avoided reacting to this, it has once again become clear that it is trying to increase military pressure on India with intrusion attempts. India has initiated some aggressive steps to teach China, who is not willing to retreat from the LAC, a lesson. Indian Navy warship has been deployed in the South China Sea. This has had a major impact on China, and it is said that China raised this issue, even during the discussions over the border dispute. Former military officials are predicting a thick possibility that this could be the reason for the intrusion attempt made by an infuriated China. Former Indian military officials are emphasising that China will have to face dire consequences of the misadventure and the Indian military has completed the preparations for it. 

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