World protests against Palestinian President’s controversial remarks against Jewish people

Third World War

Jerusalem: Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas made a controversial statement saying, ‘The social behaviour of Jewish people and their money-lending profession were responsible for their massacre during the second world war’. President Abbas also claimed that the Jews living in Europe are in no way connected to Israel. This has evoked severe reactions from all over the world including the United States and Israel. US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, demanded that people who blame Israel for endangering peace in the Gulf region, should pay attention to the Palestinian President’s statements.

Palestinian President made these controversial statements while addressing the ‘National Security Council’. ‘The reason for Jewish massacre during the Second World War was not hatred for Jews, but their social behaviour and money-lending profession,’ said the Palestinian President. The Palestinian President said that the colonial powers created Israel for their own benefits and claimed that creation of Israel is no way connected with the history of the Jewish people. The Jews who have migrated from Europe to Israel are not the descendants of the native Jews residing in Israel.

The whole world is strongly protesting against these insensitive comments of the Palestinian President about the massacre of around 8 million Jews by Hitler, during the Second World War. The special envoy for the Israel-Palestine talks, Jason Greenblatt, termed these statements by Abbas as unfortunate and lodged a strong protest against them. The peace process cannot stand on the foundation of such spitefulness, said Greenblatt. The US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman retorted that the people holding Israel responsible for the tension in the Gulf should pay attention to these statements by Abbas at least now and change their opinions.

The Israeli media has heavily criticised Abbas and has blamed that it was rather unfortunate that the future of the peace process rested in hands of a person who could make such statements. The Israeli media is pointing out that even earlier, Abbas had refused to accept the Jewish genocide during the Second World War. Not only Israel, but certain Palestinian groups also have expressed regret over Abbas’ statements, saying that these statements are unacceptable to them. These Palestinian groups have warned that Abbas should present the legitimate Palestinian demands to the world and not resort to such arbitrary statements.

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