Officials of US and Israeli defence forces reach Ukraine to acquire skills to counter the S-300 system

Third World WarTel Aviv: Russia has issued a stern warning that attacks on Syria will not be tolerated henceforth. Russia has provided the S-300 air defence system to Syria to stop the Israeli attacks. But even after this warning, Israel has asserted that the attacks on Syria will continue. Therefore, the officials of the United States and the Israeli military have reached Ukraine to acquire the skills to bypass the security of the S-300 and to carry out the attacks on Syria. The Israeli media have disclosed this information.

The Syrian system had accidentally shot down a Russian aircraft while targeting the Israeli fighter jets attacking Syria. Instead of Syria, Russia held Israel responsible for this incident which occurred in the last month. Following this, Russia supplied the S-300 air defence system to Syria which has already been deployed. Syria had threatened that Israel should think twice before attacking Syria as it now has the S-300 air defence system. The Russian leaders had made suggestive statements that Russia had delivered the right message by deploying the S-300 system in Syria.

US, Israel, Ukraine, S-300, RussiaHowever, Israel had declared that it will not stop the attacks on Syria despite the deployment of the S-300 system. But Israel is most concerned about the safety of its fighter jets carrying out the attacks. This is the reason that the defence officials from the United States and Israel have reached Ukraine. This is being looked at as Israel’s effort to understand the S-300 system and acquire the skill to bypass the security of the system. Meanwhile, Israel had started moves against the deployment of the S-300 in Syria.

The United States is supplying the super advanced F-35 stealth fighter jets to Israel. As per the United States, the S-300 will not be able to track these fighter jets. Israel also has given similar indications saying that these fighter jets will be used in the attacks on Syria. But the United States does not want to risk the use of F-35s due to some technical snags and Israel also has currently avoided the use of F-35s. The news of the visit of the officials from the Israeli defence forces to Ukraine is making waves against this background.

A Hebrew news channel and newspaper have published information about this visit. Although there is no official confirmation, it has been revealed that Israel is making frantic efforts to bypass the S-300 and resume the attacks on Syria.

The Israeli stand is that it will not allow Iran to make Syria its military base. The Israeli leaders have warned that Israel will also be willing to confront Russia for attaining this objective. The deployment of S-300 on the Syrian soil has highly increased the fear of an Israel-Russia conflict in Syria. But the indications are that Israel, with support from the United States, would be ready for it.

Former US military official Peter Zwack has said that Israel can destroy the Russian S-300 system. ‘With my military experience I can certainly make this claim’, said Zwack.

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