Syrian air defence system destroyed by the Israeli Harpy Drone; Syrian soldiers accept on social media

Third World WarDamascus: The Harpy-2 drone developed by the Israeli military has been challenging the Syrian air defence systems. A shocking revelation that at least three of the Syrian air defence systems, have been devastated by the suicidal Harpy-2 drones, operational in Israeli defence forces has come to the fore. Syrian soldiers confirm the same through their social media posts.

The Syrian mouthpiece accused Israel of launching attacks on a military base near the Syrian capital Damascus, two days ago. Israel did not react to the accusations made by Syria. But the information has come forward through posts by the Syrian soldiers, on the social media. The soldiers have posted sensational information regarding the short conflict, sparked between Iran, Syria and Israel, on January 21, this year. Four months ago, the Syrian military and Iran had launched missile attacks in the Golan region of Israel. In retaliation, Israel too targeted Iranian and Syrian military bases in Syria.

syrian air defence, drones, israelTwelve soldiers from the Iranian Quds Force were killed in the Israeli attacks and an arms depot was destroyed. Israel succeeded in destroying the arms depot despite having an advanced air defence system deployed to protect the arms depot. Israel military had released a video showing the destruction of the Syrian air defence system. Following the attack, Syria had raised doubts over the effectiveness of the Russian air defence systems. Iran criticised that the Russian radar and air defence systems are ineffective in neutralising the Israeli missiles. At the same time, Iranian leaders had accused Russia, of secretly cooperating with Israel for attacks on Iran.

But as per the posts of the Syrian soldiers on the social media, Israel devastated the air defence system using Harpy-2 or Harop drones and not using missiles. These drones capable of speeds up to 115 miles per hour and an ability to fly for six hours, destroyed the Russian systems with suicidal attacks. The Syrian soldiers claimed that 2 to 3 air defence systems were destroyed in the Harpy-2 drone attacks. At the same time, Syrian soldiers also predicted a possibility that Israel used some super advanced technology to destroy the Pantsir-2 system.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military has not given any reaction on these posts by the Syrian soldiers. But the Israeli Harpy-2 or Harop drone falls under the Kamikaze drone, i.e. suicidal drone category. These drones are operational in the Israel military, since the last few years. Nonetheless, a few months ago, the Israel military has successfully tested the naval variety of this drone. India too has signed an agreement for the supply of 15 Harop drones with Israel.

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