Iran will retaliate if Israel attacks, threatens Iran’s Foreign Minister

Munich: ‘Israel will face a strong retaliatory attack if it attacks Iran’, threatened Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. A few hours ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the international Security Conference at Munich had warned of an attack on Iran, objecting to the Iranian movements in the gulf region. There was a reaction from the Iranian Foreign Minister to the threat.

Iran-Foreign-MinisterThe Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif gave this reaction during an interview to an United States news channel against the background of the meeting held in the city of Munich in Germany. Along with this, he expressed support for the action of the Syrian army against the Israeli fighter jet. ‘The Syrian army has succeeded in shooting down an Israeli fighter jet after 30 years. This has cleared the Israeli notion of being invincible’, claimed Zarif while talking to an American news channel.

Zarif said, at the same time, the Syrian action in the last week was a warning to Israel. Zarif also said ‘The Syrian army shot down the Israeli plane with its own strength. The Syrian army has warned Israel not to enter its airspace, through this action.’

Zarif targeted the Israeli Prime Minister by saying that, ‘Today you watched a cartoon circus as a spectator. Iran doesn’t find it fit to even comment on this circus’. ‘The proofs produced by the Prime Minister of Israel in the Munich meeting against Iran was only a drama. Israel must be attempting to hide its own mistakes by accusing others or making a pathetic attempt to save itself from the dangers faced by it’, blamed Zarif.

Along with this, Zarif claimed at the Munich Security Conference that Israel is avoiding to speak about its own destructive policies in the gulf. He dismissed the accusation made by Israel that Iran was trying to grab its land with the help of its allies. Instead, Israel is using aggression by intruding into its neighbouring countries of Syria and Lebanon with air strikes, alleged Zarif at this time.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had presented a piece of the Iranian drone while strongly reprimanding Iran for its activities in Syria at the Munich Security Conference. Also, Israel will continue to attack Iran’s supporters in Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. But, if need be Israel may directly attack Iran as well, warned Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Zarif made fiery statements against Israel in an interview with an American news channel. Even in this interview Zarif had warned that there would be fierce retaliation in case Israel attacks Iran.

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