Russia tests missiles capable of nuclear and space attacks

Moscow: As per received information, Russia tested a hypersonic missile along with an anti-satellite weapon in the last few days. The tests were for Tsirkon hypersonic missile and 14Ts033 Nudol interceptor missile. Russia claimed that the 14Ts033 Nudol capable of 12 Mach speed, can destroy any satellite in the low earth orbit. Only a few days ago, the United States also tested SM-3 ballistic missile, known as the anti-satellite weapon, from one of its warships.   

Russian defence department published the videos and photographs of both the missile tests. The first test was of the 14Ts033 Nudol missile, and it was conducted from the Sary Shagan testing range in Kazakhstan. The Russian defence department claimed that this missile could intercept attacks from space as well as from the airspace. At the same time, it said that the 14Ts033 Nudol missile has already been deployed in the Russian aerospace forces. This missile can hit any target from 40,000 to 800,000 metres in the sky.   

Test of the Tsirkon hypersonic missile was conducted from a warship in the Arctic region. Russian President Vladimir Putin had taken a particular interest in the development of this missile, capable of 8 Mach speed. President Putin had claimed that this missile, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, can launch an attack on any US city. The Russian defence department informed that this test was conducted from destroyer Admiral Gorshkov in the White Sea. This is the second test of the Tsirkon missile in the last two months. Before this, this hypersonic missile was tested at the beginning of October.   

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