Pakistan can start a nuclear war to protect terrorists; claims researcher from European study group

Third World War

United Nations: A researcher has warned the human rights commission ‘Pakistan can start a nuclear war to protect the terrorists. Yoana Barakova, a researcher with the ‘European Foundation for South Asian Studies,’ attracted the attention of the whole world with her statement that Pakistan can go to the extreme of a nuclear war to protect the terrorists. Following the suicide terror attack at Pulwama, India carried out an air strike at Balakot to finish the Jaish terrorists. But Pakistan claimed that this was an attack on Pakistan and its fighter jets intruded India to drop bombs. This action should be reason enough to expose the Pakistani truth.

European-study-groupPakistan had claimed that only trees were damaged in the Balakot air attack. But now the real facts regarding this have started surfacing, and some of the people from Pakistan have begun accepting that hundreds of terrorists were killed in the Balakot air strike. Audio recordings of this have been released, and the names of the terrorists killed in the attack also are being released.

The audio recordings released by the Indian news channels said that 18 Jaish commanders were killed in the attack. Moreover, the locals are accepting in the record, that instructors of terrorists, former officers from the Pakistan military and ISI also were killed in the attack.

Within a few hours of the attack, the Pakistan military cordoned off this area in Jabba. The Pakistan military did not even provide medical aid to the people injured in the attack, because of the fear of leaking the information about the attack. The eyewitnesses informed that the Pakistan military drew petrol and diesel from their vehicles and burnt some bodies and disposed of the other bodies in the river. The locals also said that the Pakistan military and Jaish became panic-stricken because of the Indian attack and sent all the terrorists to Waziristan and areas near the Afghan border.

After this attack, the Pakistan military tightened the security arrangements at the Jaish and Lashkar-e-Taiba terror bases in Lahore and Karachi. Pakistan wants to protect these terrorists at any cost. In the meantime, Yoana Barakova castigated the Pakistani terrorist policies in the human rights commission meeting. Barakova said that Pakistan could stoop to any level to protect these terrorists and can even initiate a nuclear war.

Barakova also warned that because of this irresponsible Pakistani behaviour, there is a threat of the whole world being sucked into a war. Saying that these careless policies of Pakistan are scary, Barakova has tried to point out the seriousness of the matter, to the international community. The UN Security Council has taken action against 139 terrorist organisations and groups. Barakova pointed out that despite this, these organisations and groups are receiving support from the Pakistan government.

Pakistan is not willing to act against the terrorists despite the economy being at rock bottom and tremendous pressures from almost all the countries of the world, including the United States. Pakistan is preparing for a nuclear war to protect the terrorists means that it has still not shelved the idea to use these terrorists in the future. Therefore, the Pakistan promise not to allow the use of its land to carry out attacks against any country, has no substance, as Pakistan has shown that it is not very serious about it, by providing tight security for protection of the terrorists.

The inferences drawn by YoanaBarakova indicate that Pakistan will use these terrorists, up to its sleeve, against India. Therefore, the analysts with profound study of the Pakistani national behaviour and ideology have said that without paying any heed to the Pakistani threats of nuclear attack, India should not lose this opportunity to deliver a decisive blow to Pakistan.

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