Russia warships fitted with ‘Beam Weapons’ cause ‘hallucinating effects’, blinding, induce vomit in enemy soldiers

Third World War

Moscow/London: Russia has deployed the Beam Weapon Systems, capable of producing hallucinations and making the enemy soldiers sick on their destroyers. The British media informed that the Russian ship which passed through the marine sector of the United Kingdom had Filin 5P-42 device was deployed on it. The invention is claimed to render the Night Vision and laser sensor systems, defunct. This system implemented by Russia is said to be an advanced stage of the Visual Optical Interference system used during World War II.

Beam-WeaponsRussian advanced destroyer Admiral Gorshkov recently sailed near the British marine region. During the journey, the frigate and three auxiliary ships travelling with it had to take a halt in the Scottish waters due to adverse weather conditions. The British warship HMS Defender had kept a watch on the ships till they left the British seas. Around the same time, the British media informed about the Beam Weapon System deployed on the destroyer.

The Russian company, Ruselectronics has developed the Filin 5P-42 device using the Visual Optical Interference technology. The system is claimed to have a range of 5 Kilometres, to be capable of neutralising telescopes, laser position finders and aiming systems of guided missiles required on the warships. As per sources, the device is more effective during the night and twilight.

Along with rendering the systems of the enemy useless, the Filin 5P-42is said to be able to target the enemy soldiers as well. The high-power light beams emitted by the system are meant to make the enemy soldiers feel dizzy, nauseated and disoriented. At the same time, the tests have demonstrated that some soldiers were observed to have been perplexed and even exhibited irrational behaviour. Currently, Russia has deployed the system on two destroyers while two more ships are said to be undergoing processes for it.

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