Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa makes a significant announcement saying ‘Air Force operations are still ongoing’

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Coimbatore: The Indian Air Force Chief indicated of upcoming campaigns in striking words, ‘I will not comment on ongoing operations but they are still ongoing.’ Air Chief Marshal B. S. Dhanoa faced the media for the first time, since Pakistan’s incursion in the Indian airspace for launching an attack. The Airforce Chief put the speculations to rest saying, ‘The Indian Air Force’s Balakot attack was accurate, and the given target was hit. Nevertheless, counting the dead bodies is not the job of the Airforce.’

Air-Force-operationsThe media representatives fired a flurry of questions at the Air Chief Marshal, at an important press conference, held in Coimbatore. He was asked, “How many terrorists were killed in Balakot?” At the same time, he was questioned about the Pakistani claims on the matter. The Air Chief Marshal asked, ‘If as per the Pakistani claims, it did not suffer any losses and the bombs were dropped in the jungle in the Balakot attack, why did it violate the Indian airspace and attack?’

The Airforce Chief put to rest the questions regarding the death toll after the attack, saying that it is not the job of the Air Force to count the number of terrorists killed.

Meanwhile, nearly 300 mobiles were revealed to be active in Balakot, at the time of the IAF attack. It is based on the information from the National Technical Research Organisation. Therefore, the claim that 300 or more terrorists were killed is gaining ground and strengthening. At the same time, it was also exposed due to the news reports coming from Pakistan. Moreover, from the information put together by some foreign reporters, the terrorist organisation has apparently suffered immense losses in the Indian Air Force operation.

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