‘Orange Snow’ engulfs parts of Russia and 4 east European countries. Experts claim possibility of Chemical War

Third World War, russia, chemical war, europeMoscow/London: Sensation has been created due to ‘Orange Snow’ in the Eastern European countries including Russia. Over the last few days, there has been an ‘Orange Snowfall’ over a part of Caucasus Mountains in Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine making some parts appear like planet Mars, informed the locals. The researchers have expressed a possibility of this being a part of a chemical war or its tests.

Europe and Russia are facing a lot of snowstorms and snowfall, for the last few days. ‘The Beast Form the East’ storm is rampaging in the UK and has brought life to a grinding halt. At the same time, the ‘orange snow’ had been reported in Russia and Eastern European countries.

orange snowfall, russia, sahara desert, uk, chemical warThere has been a lot of snowfall of this type in many parts of the Caucasus mountain range in Russia. The locals and the visiting tourists have posted pictures of this on the social media. An orange tinge can be seen in the snowclad mountains and many other parts due to snowfall. There are reports of the orange snow in the Eastern European countries of Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine along with Russia.

The weather experts have said that the sand storms in the ‘Sahara Desert’ in northern Africa are responsible for this. The people living in the areas where the orange snow occurred, complained about a lot of sand being in the atmosphere and it causing a lot of discomfort.

The UK weather experts have said that approximately every five years, Europe experiences this kind of a snowfall. ‘When large amount of sand enters the upper layers of the atmosphere, it spreads over a large expanse of land. The satellite images have shown a large amount of sand and dust having entered the atmosphere and was moving towards Europe from over the Mediterranean Sea region’, said the UK weather expert, Steven Keates who is a meteorologist from UK national weather service.
Some researchers have expressed a possibility of activities of a different nature and have claimed that this orange snowfall can be a part of a chemical warfare or testing of chemical weapons.

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