Combined army of Islamic countries should attack Israel at the same time, appeals Turkish state’s mouthpiece

Third World War, israel, tuekey, erdoganAnkara: ‘Strength of the combined army of the member countries of ‘Organisation of Islamic cooperation’ (OIC) will be around 5.2 million and their ‘budget’ will be more than 175 billion. Therefore, all these Islamic countries should attack Israel from different directions at the same time,’ appealed the Turkish daily which is a mouthpiece of Turkish President Erdogan. The daily has argued that Israel will not be able to face this combined power of the Islamic nations. Since the last few days, President Erdogan and his government have also been threatening the European countries as well as the military campaign in Syria. At the same time, Erdogan has appealed to the Islamic nations to unite against Israel. Because of this, the article published in his mouthpiece daily becomes important.

israel, turkey, erdogan, trump, us, jerusalemThere were severe reactions drawn from around the world, especially from the Islamic countries, when Unites States (US) President Trump declared Jerusalem at the Israeli capital. Turkish President Erdogan had appealed all the Islamic countries to unite against Israel. In times after this, President Erdogan attacked ‘Afrin’ and other cities in Syria. The Turkish President had claimed that following ‘Afrin’ the Turkish army will enter the cities of Manbij and Idlib. At the same time, some of the Turkish leaders are talking about attacking Greece. Erdogan himself had announced the ambition of expanding his countries borders comparable to the Ottoman empire, while speaking at one function. President Erdogan had given a message to his citizens that the Turkish population should brace itself for the third world war.

Against this background, an article captioned, ‘What if an army of Islam was formed against Israel?’ was published in one of the Turkish dailies. This daily is believed to be the mouthpiece of President Erdogan and his political party. This further increased the importance of the article. The daily has said that the combined strength of the Islamic armies will be 5.2 million and the budget will be more than 175 billion.

Initially, about 2.5 million soldiers will participate in the attack on Israel. There can be simultaneous devastating attacks on land, air and sea against Israel. The Erdogan mouthpiece pointed out that 500 tanks and military vehicles, 100 fighter jets, 500 combat helicopters and 50 warships can be used at the same time for this attack. The newspapers in the western countries have published this Erdogan’s claim by referring it to his fiery statements against Israel made in the past.

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