Iran takes over Iraq’s reigns as protests weaken its government, claims an Israeli website

Third World WarJerusalem: Strong demonstrations are being held against the Iranian control over the Iraqi government, and they have destabilised the Iraqi government. Therefore, the control over Iraq is claimed to be no more with the government but has been taken over by Iranian military official General Qassem Soleimani. An Israeli army website reported the information.  

The website stated that the reigns of the Iraqi government had been taken over by General Qassem Soleimani, the chief of the Iranian Quds Force, from the Iraqi Prime Minister Abdel Abdul Mahdi. Following the outbreak of the anti-Mahdi demonstrations in Iraq, General Soleimani arrived in Iraq on Wednesday, 30th of October. The Israeli website reported that General Soleimani landed at Baghdad’s international airport and was flown from there to the Green Zone, where the exclusive helicopter landed atop the building housing the Prime Minister’s office.  

On reaching the office, General Soleimani took charge of the ongoing Iraqi security meeting. At the same time, the Israeli website also claimed that the military and internal security rights, held by Iraqi Prime Minister Mahdi were taken over by General Soleimani.   

While addressing the meeting of the Iraqi police and military officials, General Soleimani indicated initiating harsh action against the protestors as he reminded that ‘Iran is well aware of how to crush such protests. Such protests were held even in Iran, and we gained control over them.’ Iran seems to have taken the step to save the Mahdi government in Iraq so that it can maintain its influence over the state.  

Since the last month, protests have erupted against the pro-Iran governments in Iraq and Lebanon. Of these, the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned from the post. His resignation has delivered a blow to the influence of the Hezbollah and other Iran-affiliated groups, that were a part of the ruling coalition. Hariri’s resignation is therefore considered a big jolt for Iran, the Israeli website claimed.  

Iran had alleged the anti-government protests, in Iraq and Lebanon were a part of a conspiracy by the United States and Israel against Iran. Iran has thus initiated moves to maintain its influence in the countries. However, a severe reaction against it in Iraq is quite probable. The organisations which were once in favour of Iran, have now stood against the Iranian domination of the Iraqi government and gaining control over them would not be easy for the Islamic Republic. Albeit, General Soleimani, known as an expert strategist and tactician, was operating in Iraq for a long time. Given Soleimani’s expertise, a lot would now depend on what measures he adopts to handle the protests in Iraq. 

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