Anti-Iran protests erupt in Iraq’s Basra; Iran embassy set ablaze and rockets fired at Basra airport

Third World WarBasra: The protests ongoing for the last five days against the Abadi government in Iraq have turned violent. Holding Iran responsible for the corruption and economic instability in Iraq, the protestors set ablaze the Iranian embassy. Some of the employees of the Iranian embassy were held hostage by the protestors which increased the tensions. Moreover, the Basra airport and the areas close to the US embassy were attacked with Iranian made Katyusha rockets.

Basra is known as the oil rich city of Iraq. The city is under the rule of a pro-Iran administration since the last few years. The Haider al-Abadi government in Iraq is also claimed to be ruling with Iranian support. Despite this, the Iraqi population is expressing its displeasure openly against the economic decisions of the Abadi government. The Iraqi people are protesting against the Abadi government blaming it of being corrupt and not taking any steps to bring down the unemployment in the country.

anti iran, basra, iraqMoreover, accusations are being levelled from within Iraq against the Abadi government claiming it was taking wrong decisions because of Iranian influence. This is affecting the infrastructural facilities and water shortage is becoming a serious issue in Iraq. The feeling that Iran being responsible for these crisis is increasing among the Iraqi people. Also, the people of Basra have started protests against the government on the same grounds since the last five days. So far, 12 people have been killed in the action taken by the police against these protestors.

Two days ago, after accusing the Abadi government of not paying heed to their demands, the protestors attacked an oil project which has large Iranian investments. Whereas, on Friday the protestors attacked the Iranian embassy destroying the furniture and other belongings and set the embassy on fire. Some angry protestors had held Iranian employees hostage leading to increased tensions in. Iran expressed anger over the attack on its embassy and demanded a harsh action against the offenders.

Following this, Katyusha rockets were launched at the Basra airport on Saturday. The rocket crashed in the area near the airport and the US embassy. No casualties were reported due to the rocket attack. Investigations have been initiated for the people responsible behind the attacks. Reports of mortar attacks on the high security Green Zone in Baghdad, the Iraqi capital have surfaced.

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