Terrorism will increase in Iraq-Syria after the US military withdrawal, concern expressed in a Pentagon report

Third World WarWashington: US defence headquarters, Pentagon, has expressed concerns over President Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria. Pentagon warned in its new report ‘If the United States withdrew the military from Syria, IS will get revived once again, and the terrorism in this country will increase. At the same time, the threat to the US soldiers from the Iran affiliated terror groups, in Iraq, will also increase.’

Glenn Fine, a senior official, recorded his opinion in a report published by Pentagon, two days ago. Fine raised the issue of the security of the Kurdish rebels in Syria saying ‘The withdrawal of military by the United States has cleared the docks for the return of IS, and this will compromise the security of the US-allied groups in Syria.’

The Pentagon report says that in such a scenario, a serious challenge may be posed to the security of the US soldiers. Pentagon claimed that this US military withdrawal would have an effect not only on the Syrian security but also on the Iraqi security. The report claims that the threat to the US soldiers in Iraq from the Iran affiliated groups has increased considerably in the three months from April to June.

Since the last few years,the number of groups deployed by Iran, to fight the IS, has increased. Pentagon pointed out that the number of Iran affiliated extremists entering Iraq-Syria from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and the European countries is enormous. It has been said that these Iran affiliated groups are a threat to not only the US soldiers but also to the Iraq government. Pentagon warned that these groups are planning to overthrow the pro-US government in Iraq and replace it with a pro-Ayatollah government. But the sources said that President Trump was firm on the military withdrawal from Syria.

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