The entire nuclear non-proliferation system will collapse because of the US and Russia, concern by EU Secretary General

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Geneva: Secretary General of the European Union, Antonio Guterres expressed a concern that scrapping of the Intermediate-range Nuclear forces (INF) treaty between the United States and Russia, will result in the collapse of the International nuclear non-proliferation system. At the same time, the Secretary-General of the European Union appealed to Russia and the United States to revive the agreement.

non-proliferation-systemAt the beginning of the month, the United States announced its withdrawal from the INF treaty. The United States had clarified that it was withdrawing, as the INF rules, regarding the manufacture and testing of missiles were being violated by Russia. Although the United States has announced its withdrawal, it is not possible for the United States to withdraw until August.

The Secretary-General of the European Union claimed that despite the withdrawal, the scrapping of the treaty between the United States and Russia could have a direct impact on the developments at the international level. The INF treaty was being looked at as a cornerstone of negotiations, between the United States and Russia over the last five decades. Guterres said at the Conference on Disarmament, that as the treaty does not exist anymore, the threat of Nuclear weapons has increased.

The treaty between the United States and Russia made it easier to implement nuclear non-proliferation at the international level. Guterres warned that now, there is a possibility of the nuclear non-proliferation system collapsing, leading to a nuclear arms race, among the countries in the world. Guterres claimed that therefore, Russia and the United States should reactivate the INF treaty. Otherwise, the world will once again be pushed into the dark times of cold war sparking an uncontrolled nuclear arms race.’

Meanwhile, following the withdrawal of the United States from the INF, Russia has increased its activities in nuclear and missile manufacturing whereas, the European countries are expressing fears that because of the US withdrawal from the treaty, Russia will deploy ballistic missiles, near the European border. Reports of the United States increasing its activities in the eastern European countries have also been received.

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