Activity increases near the Pakistan border in Rajasthan; Pakistan vacates villages

Shriganganagar/Jaipur: As India carried out the air attacks on the terrorist locations in Pakistan infuriated by the Pulwama attack, the activity near the India-Pakistan border inside Pakistan have increased. It has been reported that Pakistan, who has panicked because of the fear of Indian retaliation, has vacated the villages, near the Indo-Pak border. Following this, a high alert has been issued in the border areas in Punjab, Gujrat and Rajasthan.

Pakistan, rajasthan, droneThere is a chaotic situation in Pakistan, following the Indian action inside Pakistan and retaliation is possible from a frightened Pakistan. Before this action,sounds of explosion were heard on the Pakistan side of the border, in Rajasthan. These sounds were said to be of Pakistani fighter jets. There is a scary silence in the villages, in Pakistan near the border, since the last three days and no lights have been seen in these villages. Therefore, it is clear that Pakistan has vacated these villages as a part of a plan. The villagers on the Indian side informed the Indian military, regarding the sounds.

Meanwhile, the activity on the Indian side of the border has also increased. A high alert has been issued in Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Badmer and Shriganganagar and the local administration have ordered the villagers to take permission, before venturing out in the night. No person, other than the villagers, is allowed to enter the area, five kilometres from the border, without proper authorisation. Major activities were seen on the Jodhpur Airbase, at around 2 am on Tuesday. Sukhoi Su-30 and Mig-27 fighter jets took off from this Airbase and carried out patrolling in a large area. The villagers wokeup with the sound of these fighter jets.

Meanwhile, it has also been reported that Pakistan had resorted to cross border firing on the Hindumalkot border post, in the Shriganganagar area. Given this, the activity on the Rajasthan border has increased. The civilians also have been asked to be alert.


Indian military shot down Pakistani drone

Pakistan, rajasthan, droneNew Delhi: Indian military shot down a Pakistani drone, intruding into the Indian airspace, on an espionage mission. The security agencies informed that this drone was shot down,near the international border, in the Kutch region. This is the first time; the Indian military used the Israeli air defence system ‘Spider’, to shoot down the drone.

This drone was shot down nearly three hours, after the air attacks. The drone was spotted near the Abdasa village in Kutch. Taking swift action, the Indian military shot down the drone, using Drone Derby missiles. This is the first use of the Israeli air defence system, to shoot down the drone. The Israeli air defence system in a medium range system, having a range of 35 kilometres.

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