The United Kingdom includes Hezbollah in the list of terrorist organisations

London: British Home Minister, Sajid Javid, announced the inclusion of the Hezbollah political group in the list of terrorist organisations saying ‘Hezbollah is working only to create instability in the Gulf and the political and the militant groups cannot be distinguished any more.’ Before this, the United Kingdom had included only the military outfit of Hezbollah in the list of terrorist organisations. The British media have claimed that this decision of the United Kingdom, comes in the wake of the appeal made by US President Donald Trump, to isolate Iran and organisations affiliated to Iran.

UK-includes-HezbollahBritish Home Minister, Sajid Javid has adopted a harsh stance against the extremists in the United Kingdom. Javid had taken decisions like, deportation of the Pakistani citizens responsible for sexual assault on a minor girl and cancellation of citizenship of the girls and women, who went to Syria to Join the IS. Taking one more aggressive step, the British Home Minister announced a ban, on even the political group of Iran supporter organisation, Hezbollah from Lebanon.

The organisation Hezbollah is responsible for creating instability in the Gulf, and it is not possible to distinguish between different groups of the organisation. Javid accused that this organisation violated the ceasefire, imposed by the UN Security Council, by providing armed support to the Assad regime in Syria, to carry out atrocities on the common people in that country.

Since the last few days, Hezbollah had become a subject for political debate in the British parliament. The leader of the main opposition Labour Party in the British parliament, Jeremy Corbyn, had criticised the Israeli action in Gaza Strip and Syria, supporting the Iran supporter Hezbollah and Hamas. British Prime Minister Theresa May showered criticism on Corbyn. She lashed out ‘Labour party wants to befriend those terrorist organisations Hezbollah and Hamas. That means they want enmity with the United States and Israel.’

Hezbollah, currently in power in Lebanon, is an organisation supporting Iran. The United Kingdom banned Hezbollah security unit in 2001 and the Hezbollah military organisations in 2008. But the United Kingdom had avoided banning the political group, influencing the ruling party in Lebanon. Therefore, Hezbollah collected substantial financial help from the United Kingdom, under the pretext of funding the political group and used the funds for terrorist activities, is what is being alleged by the intelligence agencies.

Hezbollah has not reacted on the announcement by Home Minister Javid. But Israel has welcomed the British Home Minister’s announcement, on the social media and also took a dig at the other European countries appealing to them to follow suit. Israeli Internal Security Minister lambasted ‘Those countries who want to fight terrorism sincerely, will not distinguish between political and military groups in Hezbollah.’

Meanwhile, since the last few years, the European countries have criticised the Israeli actions against Hamas and Hezbollah.

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