Will not allow Iran to make nuclear weapons; Israeli Prime Minister

Third World WarTel Aviv: Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Iran is making plans to push the nuclear program. But under any circumstances, Israel will not allow Iran to succeed in making a nuclear weapon. The Israeli fight against the countries, threatening the annihilation of Israel will continue. Other Israeli leaders too, criticised the Iranian announcement and said all possible efforts would be made to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

Reactions are being received from around the world over the announcement of the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, to withdraw from the nuclear deal. Russia and China had criticised the United States for withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal. Whereas, Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu praised President Trump, who withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal while speaking at a function in Tel Aviv. Prime Minister Netanyahu said that of the nuclear deal continued, the threat to Israel from Iran will increase further.

israeli prime, iran, nuclear deal,The Israeli Prime Minister said that therefore, the Israeli efforts to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power will continue. The Israeli Prime Minister avoided elaborating on the subject. But Prime Minister Netanyahu welcomed the decision of the United States to deploy USS Abraham Lincoln in the Persian Gulf, a few hours ago.

The Israeli Prime Minister said that the United States took this decision identifying the threat from Iran. US defence headquarters, Pentagon also had said that the deployment of USS Abraham Lincoln was in response to the confidential and reliable information received, regarding the perceived threat from the Iranian missiles to the US interests in the Gulf.

Meanwhile, the US bomber jets also have reached the region with the aircraft carrier. Whereas, an Iranian parliamentarian had warned that Iran possessed the capability to sink the US warships. This parliamentarian also threatened the United States that it will not only be Iran that will burn if the war is sparked.

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