Iran threatens to resume Uranium enrichment if no cooperation in oil and banking sector in the next 60 days

Third World WarTehran: While the United States has been preparing to corner Iran through sanctions, Iran has issued a stern warning to the other signatory countries in the Iran nuclear deal. “If the decisions to bail out the Iranian banking and oil sector are not taken within the next 60 days, Iran will violate some of the clauses of the nuclear deal,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned. He also warned the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia and China that Iran was heading towards scrapping the nuclear deal. To which Russia and France have promptly reacted, appealing Iran to abide by the nuclear deal.

All the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France and China had signed a nuclear deal with Iran, in 2015. As per the agreement Iran had agreed to keep its nuclear program under control. The United States and the other countries had agreed to ease the sanctions imposed. But after Donald Trump took over as the President of the United States, he announced withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

Iran, uraniumLast year, on May 8, President Trump officially withdrew from the deal. Following that, the United States has imposed harsh sanctions against Iran in four stages which have been adversely affecting the Iranian economy and oil exports. On the occasion of completion of one year since the US withdrawal from the deal, Iran warned the other signatories. The Iranian President appealed to the European countries, Russia and China to take decisions to bail out the Iranian oil and banking sectors, affected severely by the US sanctions. Moreover, Rouhani warned that these countries had a time of two months for the purpose.

Should the European countries accept the Iranian demands, Iran will once again be a part of the nuclear deal else Iran will increase the speed of uranium enrichment and increase the stock of enriched uranium. Iranian President also announced that at the same time, Iran would use Heavy Water to expedite the nuclear program. The US and British media have been claiming that Iran has declared its intent to build nuclear weapons, with these warnings.

Russia has appealed to the other participant nations in the nuclear deal, to fulfil their promises. Russia also blamed the United States of being responsible for the current situation whereas, the French Defence Minister appealed Iran to remain in the framework of the nuclear deal. France pointed out that if Iran crossed the limitations imposed in the deal, it would have to face fresh sanctions.

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