Syrian President Assad to visit North Korea

Third World WarDamascus/Seoul: The United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey along with the European countries are discussing the future of the Assad government in Syria. There are severe differences about whether the Assad government should have a place in the future of Syria. With the future of the government suspended, President Bashar Al-Assad has expressed a desire to visit North Korea. This desire of the Syrian President gains importance in view of the 12th June meeting between the US President Donald Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un.

Last week, the new North Korean Ambassador took the reins of the new embassy in Syria. As part of the protocol, he met Syrian President Assad on 30th May. President Assad expressed the desire to visit North Korea to meet Dictator Kim Jong-Un, during this meeting. Assad also showered praise saying, ‘the developments in the Korean region are admirable and they show the capability and strong leadership of Kim Jong-Un.’

syria, assad, north korea, kim jong un, syrian presidentPresident Assad expressed confidence saying, ‘If the North Korean Dictator wins by achieving his goals then both Koreas will unite very soon.’ The government news channel in North Korea reported about this. Neither the North Korean nor the Syrian Government divulged information about when Assad would be visiting North Korea and whether North Korea has accepted Assad’s demand.

Syrian and North Korean ties date back to decades. In the 1970’s decade the then President of Syria had visited North Korea and met the founder of the communist regime in North Korea and the grand father of the current dictator, Kim il-Sung. In subsequent years, North Korea had continued military cooperation with Syria. In spite of the international sanctions, a North Korean ship carrying arms to Syria was captured last year. Taking note of this, the United States had issued a stern warning to both the countries.

The historical meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un is scheduled for 12th of June in Singapore. Within hours of the official declaration of the date, the Syrian President has declared his desire to visit North Korea.

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