Trump-Kim meeting possible only after concrete steps by North Korea, says White House

Washington : US President Donald Trump may have expressed willingness to meet North Korean Dictator ‘Kim- Jong-Un’ but it is not possible without actions from North Korea. White House clarified that the Trump-Kim meeting is possible only if North Korea implements the promise to stop the nuclear program. Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping has had a telephonic discussion with President Trump after the announcement of meeting with the North Korean Dictator.

Trump-Kim-MeetingAll the world leaders are looking at President Trump’s announcement of meeting the Korean leadership in coming May with surprise. But Trump has clarified that this is not only an announcement and the United States is eager to open a dialogue with North Korea. President Trump claimed that this will be in interest of the international community, if the talks are successful. ‘Sarah Sanders’ clarified the position of the White House in the matter.

‘The meeting will happen only if North Korea fulfils its promises,’ said Sanders. North Korea made some announcements about discussions regarding the disputed nuclear program issue. North Korea declared it will give up its nuclear program and missile development if security guaranteed. North Korea also indicated to denuclearize the Korean zone..

White House clarified that if North Korea fulfils its promises it will be possible to hold the meeting of the Presidents of the two countries in May. But Sanders also emphasised that the pressure will not be reduced on North Korea, responsible for the tension in the Korean region, in spite of discussions. Also, till the United States and its allies are satisfied completely, the sanctions will not be withdrawn.

After the announcement of the ‘Trump-Kim’ meeting, President Xi Jinping of China made a telephone call to the US President. Trump informed about his decision of discussions with North Korea. White House informed that Trump and Jinping welcomed the decision of discussions with North Korea. The United States expects that North Korea will take full advantage of this opportunity for discussions. French President Macron has also welcomed this Trump announcement of discussions. But President Macron has appealed President Trump to use strong words while negotiating with the North Korean Dictator.