NATO needs to expand to stop China: NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg

Stuttgart: – NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg warned of the rising Chinese threat saying ‘The rise of China has changed the power balance of the world. China does not hesitate to pressurise smaller countries and even private companies, using its political and financial might.’ The NATO chief pointed out that it is necessary to expand NATO to counter this Chinese threat and it will be important to increase cooperation with like-minded countries also from sectors, other than Europe. Only last month, the US officials had indicated the formation of a military front on the lines of NATO, in the Indo-Pacific region. The statement of the NATO chief becomes significant, against this background.  

china-nato The NATO Chief presented his stand on China during a function organised by the think tank ‘Centre for European Policy Analysis’. Stoltenberg pointed out that the NATO front can prove decisive against China saying ‘Delivering a clear and collective political decision, using NATO more effectively, may prove beneficial. Half, the economic and military power of the world, is unified in the NATO member countries. Therefore, a message from NATO will be important and effective.’  

At this time, Stoltenberg expressed a need to expand NATO to stop China. Stoltenberg said that NATO should go out of Europe and develop cooperation with other like-minded countries. While giving information about ‘NATO 2030 Initiative’, for identifying the future threats and to counter them, Stoltenberg once again mentioned China. Pointing out that China is the second-largest defence spender in the world, Stoltenberg said that NATO needs to have a firm viewpoint regarding China.   

NATO, a military organisation, formed after the Second World War, has 27 member countries from Europe, along with the United States, Canada and Turkey. Since the last few years, the United States, while reprimanding the other member countries, over their defence expenditure, had also proposed expansion of NATO. The United States had even suggested NATO, including the Gulf countries. Against this background, now the NATO Chief, mentioning expansion of NATO and referring to China becomes significant.   

The United States has sharpened the edge of its conflict against China and has started moves to build a comprehensive front on the global level. It is believed that if NATO takes an active part in the process, the US front against China will become much more robust.   

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