Pakistan Army upset over ex-PM Nawaz Sharif’s scathing remarks

Islamabad: – Major upheavals are becoming apparent in the Pakistani political circles following the crushing criticism showered on the Pakistan military, by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He dropped a bombshell of criticism saying Pakistan military has ruled the country for 33 years and has never allowed any elected government to function freely. This criticism has enraged the Pak Army. As per some journalists, the military has questioned the Imran Khan government’s authority to allow broadcasting Nawaz Sharif’s speech. There are reports that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, has started holding meetings with opposition leaders.   

Pakistan military was known all over the globe, as a ‘State Within A State’. Nawaz Sharif launched a scathing attack saying that the importance of the Pakistan military has increased so much that it has become ‘State Above the State’. The criticism made by Nawaz Sharif has upset Pakistan military, no end. Moreover, Nawaz Sharif raised a question, pointing fingers at the corruption in Pakistan military, as to why no actions are being taken against this. Repercussions of the Nawaz Sharif speech were felt all around the globe and the international media also have taken cognisance of the matter. This has infuriated the Pakistan military further.   

The Pakistan government had instructed the news channels, not to broadcast Nawaz Sharif’s speech. It is being said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has a hand in the speech being broadcasted, despite the government instructions. Imran Khan was aware of what Sharif will be speaking in his speech and he was sure that Sharif would be attacking the military and not criticising himself. Senior Pakistani journalist Najm Sethi claimed that therefore, Imran Khan allowed the broadcast of the speech. As per Sethi, Imran Khan played this political gamble thinking that if Sharif attacked the Pakistan military the treachery accusation could be levelled more aggressively against him and Imran Khan will benefit with an increase in closeness with the military.   

This has infuriated the Pakistan military further and it is questioning the Imran Khan government. The media claimed that the military lambasted the government as to who permitted to allow broadcast of the Nawaz Sharif speech. At the same time, it is being reported that the notorious Pakistan intelligence agency, ISI, has started holding secret meetings with the opposition leaders. Since the last few months, the military is unhappy with the functioning of the Imran Khan government. The Imran Khan government has failed on all the political, economic and foreign policy fronts. The allegation that the military assisted such an incompetent government come to power is gaining momentum. Sharif said during his speech that he does not have disputes with Imran Khan, but instead with those who brought such an incompetent person in power. Some of the political analysts said that Imran Khan’s failure is rocking the foundation of the Pakistan military and a wise political leader like Sharif is taking full advantage of the situation. This has added further to the restlessness of the Pakistan military.   

Nawaz Sharif came under attack by the journalists considered to be cronies of the Pakistan government. These pro-military journalists criticised that Nawaz Sharif has put his political career at stake with this speech and he has started treading the path of Altaf Hussein. It is also alleged that Nawaz Sharif is a ‘RAW’ agent. The Pakistani media, devoted to the Pakistan military, claimed that this Nawaz Sharif’s speech could be used by India to malign the Pakistani image on the international level. At the same time, some neutral journalists are warning the Pakistan population that the time has come to think about the Nawaz Sharif speech seriously. These journalists are raising a question that what is wrong if Nawaz Sharif says that the Pakistan military should stop its interference in politics. 

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