New US Embassy to be inaugurated in Taiwan next month

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Taipei: It has been declared that the new office of the American Institute of Taiwan, also known as the US embassy in Taiwan, will be inaugurated in May. A video has been published on the website of the American Institute of Taiwan, extending an invitation for the inauguration in the presence of the chief of the institution and the Taiwanese Foreign Minister. Against the background of this announcement, the spokesperson of the US embassy conceded that the US soldiers have been deployed, for the security of the US embassy, since 2005.

New-US-EmbassyLast year, in June, the American Institute of Taiwan was inaugurated, in the presence of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen and senior US officials. It was clear that the institute which was presented in the form of a cultural centre, was in reality, the US embassy. The Chinese rulers had accused that the United States had violated the One China policy agreement. Without paying any heed to the Chinese threats, the United States decided to increase the scope of the US embassy further.

Following that, the unofficial embassy will be shifting to new premises, in a commercial complex in the Taiwanese capital, on the 6th of May. The American Institute of Taiwan informed that the expenses incurred for this, were to the tune of $250 million and nearly 500 Taiwanese and American employees will be recruited here. These include even the US military soldiers.

A few days ago, a report had been published that US soldiers had been deployed in Taiwan, for the security of the American Institute of Taiwan. China had reacted very strongly against this report and had accused that this amounted to US aggression on Chinese soil. Against the background of these Chinese allegations, Amanda Mansoor, the spokesman of the American Institute of Taiwan, clarified the stance regarding the US soldier deployment. Mansoor said that the soldiers from various departments of the US defence forces were being deployed in the American Institute of Taiwan.

Indications of relations between the United States and China festering are being received against the background of increasing the scope of the US embassy and accepting the deployment of the US soldiers in Taiwan.

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