North Korea can end the world with thermo-nuclear attacks; warns special representative of North Korea

Seoul : ‘North Korea is equipped with thermo-nuclear bombs. If the western countries attempt an attack on North Korea, then North Korea can end the world with just three thermonuclear bombs’, warned Alejandro Cao de Benos, the special-representative of North Korean Foreign Ministry. Similarly, the North Korean Foreign Ministry has also threatened to sink the aircraft carriers of the US, proceeding towards the Korean territory and North Korea will start a nuclear war if it is attacked.


‘Alejandro Cao de Benos’ is from Spain and is fascinated by North Korean dictatorship. Benos has also set up a group to promote North Korea. For this, North Korea has bestowed upon Benos, the honorary citizenship of North Korea and has appointed him as a special member of ’Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries’. Benos has expressed severe discontent about the warnings being given by the US and its allies to North Korea in the past few days.

He has also threatened the western countries that they should not underestimate the powers of North Korea. Benos has warned that the thermonuclear bombs that North Korea possesses, are capable of causing massive devastations. These warnings from Benos, who has been designated as the special representative of North Korea for the western countries, are being considered seriously.

It is seen that for the past two days, North Korea has been threatening US and China. Severely criticising the USA’s aircraft carrier ‘Carl Vinson’, the North Korean foreign ministry has threatened US that the North Korean army will demonstrate its power by sinking the carrier.

The spokesman of the North Korean Foreign Ministry has claimed that if the USA, which is an imperialist country, carries out an attack on North Korea, then by declaring a full-fledged war, nuclear attacks will be made and ultimately North Korea only will win.

The North Korean Foreign  Ministry has also issued a threat that if the Chinese government backs US in this conflict and imposes economic sanctions on North Korea, it will result in serious consequences. On account of this, the news about China keeping its bomber airplanes ready and preparing to impose economic sanctions on North Korea, are going viral. Against this background, North Korea seems to have threatened its own friendly nation.

However, the US Defense Minister James Mattis has dismissed North Korea’s warning as baseless. He said that the North Korean nuclear weapons pose no threat to the US. In addition, Mattis also had proclaimed that the US is capable of protecting its interests situated in the Asia-Pacific ocean region.

In the meantime, international organisations are claiming that North Korea has started preparing for its sixth nuclear test. A study group attached to the US defense ministry has divulged the information regarding the preparations being made by North Korea for the nuclear test, also publishing the related satellite pictures.

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