Messages inciting for violence against the Jewish people being sent in the cities of US, France and Spain

Third World WarNice: 13 people were killed in an attack on the synagogue in the Pittsburgh city in the United States. This was an attack by a fanatic rabid with hatred for Jews. This is not a one-off incident and the people in the United States and the European countries harbouring hatred for the Jews have expressed their hatred in indecent words and stooping to a very low level. In the countries like the United States, France and Spain posters and hate messages are being put on the walls of the synagogues and cultural centres. This hatred for the Jews is reminding of the situation which existed before the second world war.

Last Saturday, Robert Bowers attacked a synagogue in the Pittsburgh city and killed 12 people. The whole world condemned this attack. The President also denounced this attack with strong words. It has been exposed that the only reason for Bowers to attack the synagogue was hatred for Jews. Following this attack, shocking information has been revealed that posters and messages spreading hatred against Jews are being planted on the walls of the Jewish synagogues and Cultural centres. The gravity of the incidents increases further as they have occurred in countries like the United States, France and Spain.

A message inciting violence against Jews, written in a very plebeian language was displayed at synagogue in Brooklyn from the City of New York in the United States. It is becoming apparent that the hatred towards Jews in increasing following the Pittsburgh attack. A similar message was spray-painted on the walls of a synagogue in the US State of California. The investigation agencies have started inquiry into the incident but no leads have been received in the matter.

A hate message has been put up on the walls of the Jewish cultural Centre in the city of Nice in France. This is a very shocking matter, say the locals. The local police force has become more alert and the security has been beefed up. Messages inciting violence against Jews are being put even in the Spanish city of Cordoba. This is considered to be a city under Jewish influence. Cordoba was known to be a centre for the Jews since the 15th century.

A few months ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that there was a systematic conspiracy being planned against the Jews in the western countries. There is pandering of the hatred against the Jews and Netanyahu had said that caution needs to be exercised in this. The intensity of the warning has come in front of the world with the Pittsburgh attack. This announced to the world that there are people with ultimate hatred for Jews in the cities in the United States and the European countries.

This situation is similar to the one which existed before the second world war a similar hate campaign was undertaken against the Jews and German Dictator Hitler justified it by massacring the Jews.

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