Israel will launch fresh attacks on Iranian base in Syria, claims Middle East media

Damascus: Major General Esmail Ghaani, a senior official in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), recently visited Syria. Major General Esmail Ghaani claimed that Iran and its affiliated organisations would destroy Israel. Therefore, the possibility of Israeli attacks on Iranian military bases in Syria has increased. The leading news agencies from the Middle East are claiming that this was demonstrated in the airstrike, four days ago, in Syria.   

Last week, Major General Ghaani made an unannounced visit to Syria. He visited the Iranian military bases in the Deir ez-Zur and had a dialogue with the Iranian soldiers deployed there. Ghaani predicted Israel during the visit. He claimed that the end of Israel is very close and Israel will be destroyed soon. Leading Iranian news agencies had carried the reports of Ghaani’s Syria visit and the threats issued by him. Within the next few hours, Israel launched fierce attacks on the Iranian military bases in Syria. Six people were killed in the airstrike carried out on the Al Bukamal military base in the Deir ez-Zur province in Syria. As per received information, there are Iranian soldiers among the dead.   

Israel did not accept the responsibility of the attack. But the Syrian media claimed that it is Israel who had carried out the attack. The possibility of Israeli attacks on the Iranian bases has increased, following the reports of the visit by Major General Ghaani and the threats issued by him, regarding the destruction of Israel. In the past too, Israel had carried out fierce attacks on Iranian locations, in Syria, after the visit of the senior IRGC official, Major General Qasem Soleimani. Against this background, the media in the Middle East are claiming that there could be an increase in Israeli attacks on Iranian bases. The Israel military avoided reacting to the attacks on the Iranian bases in Syria and the related reports. But the Israel military said that serious cognisance has been taken of the claims made by Ghaani.   

Meanwhile, two days ago, there was a powerful explosion near the military base in Parchin near the Iranian capital of Tehran. The Iranian media claimed that this was a gas tank, which exploded near the military base. Some western news agencies and analysts have made a shocking claim that this was a nuclear test conducted by Iran. There has been no confirmation of these claims so far. Some media in the United States and Europe have reported that this was a nuclear test conducted by Iran at the military base. These news agencies have cited satellite photographs taken by a European company, in support of their claim that the explosion was a nuclear test.  

If Iran has conducted a nuclear test, it will be a matter with dire consequences for the entire world, along with the Middle East region. Israel has already warned that it will not allow Iran, who is a threat for the very existence of Israel, to acquire nuclear capabilities. The Israeli leaders have repeatedly clarified that Israel will go to any level and will be prepared for any sacrifice, to ensure this. The Middle East countries, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, who consider Iran as an adversary, had warned the international community that they will also tread the path towards becoming a nuclear power if Iran acquired nuclear capabilities. Against this background, the mystery around the explosion in Iran is deepening. 

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