Pakistan government should accept the reality regarding India, former Pakistan Foreign Minister lambasts Imran Khan government  

Islamabad: – Former Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif lambasted the Imran Khan government, ‘India getting a non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council is not a big issue. But India getting 184 votes out of 193, in the United Nations, is a big issue. A Pakistan ally also has voted for India. At least now accept the reality.’ Khawaja added that along with the Pakistani foreign policy, even the economy and the health systems have collapsed.   

Khawaja Asif clarified, ‘A few days ago, India got a non-permanent seat on the US Security Council. India garnering 184 votes out of the total of 193, is a big issue. We have to accept after this, that the Indian political power is increasing around the globe.’ Pakistan was displeased after India got the Non-permanent seat, on the UN Security Council. Pakistan did not even greet India on the selection. Instead, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mohammed Qureshi had said that this would not affect Pakistan in any way. Against this background, Khawaja Asif has advised the Pakistan government to accept reality.   

Former Pakistan Foreign Minister lashed out at the Pakistan government even on some other issues. Khawaja made vitriolic criticism that the Pakistan foreign policy is an utter failure Asif said that the economy and health systems in Pakistan also have collapsed. Meanwhile, Pakistan is already harassed with Coronavirus. Prime Minister Imran Khan had clarified that an emerging country like Pakistan could not afford a lockdown. However, after the Coronavirus outbreak in the country, the Pakistan government has become a target for the wrath of the opposition parties. 

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