UN jolts China: omits Chinese agenda from the UN Resolution

New York: The Chinese attempt to include the phrases commonly used by the Chinese communist party and its leaders, into the UN resolution has been foiled. Six countries, including India, the United States and the United Kingdom had objected to introducing the Chinese phrases into the resolution. Thereafter, Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, President of the United Nations General Assembly, decided to omit the Chinese words from the resolution. This year, the United Nations is completing 75 years and the resolution will be presented in the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), to be held for this occasion in September.  

A meeting of the UNGA is scheduled to be held in September. Representatives of all the 193 member countries will be attending the meeting. A resolution will be passed in the meeting, on the occasion of UNGA completing 75 years. The drafting work of the resolution was being carried out in the United Nations for a few weeks. During one of the meetings, China proposed to end the resolution with the phrase ‘To build a community with a shared future for mankind’. China was trying to show that the resolution was passed mutually, including this phrase.   

But the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India could understand the Chinese ploy. These countries registered strong objections with the UNGA. Some European countries too, supported the objections. This compelled the UNGA Chairman, to omit this phrase and include some other words. The sources in the United Nations said that China also had to accept the change quietly.   

The phrase proposed, by China, to be included in the UN resolution, is consistently used by the Chinese communist party and its leaders. The phrase was first said by the then Chinese President Hu Jintao, during a communist party convention, in 2012. The expression is found in various policies and resolutions presented by the Chinese communist party. Chinese President Xi Jinping had used this phrase while presenting the Chinese stand at the World Economic Forum. Therefore, this phrase is believed to be an important part of the Chinese communist party’s agenda.  

Since the last few years, China is making desperate efforts to become a superpower and therefore, is challenging the United States in every possible sector. Gaining control over the United Nations and other global agencies is a part of the same strategy. It is the ambition of the Chinese rulers to introduce Chinese policies and agenda in these organisations and dominate the world through them. This has come into the limelight, once again, because of the UN resolution issue. 

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