Israel preparing to go to war against Iran, claims Senior US official

Third World WarWashington: Israeli fighter jets had carried out an air strike on the Iranian military bases in Syria last Sunday. A senior US official has claimed that these attacks being carried out by Israel on the Iranian locations in Syria since the last few days, are an indication of Israel’s preparation to go to war against Iran. The official also claimed that Israel therefore, needs help from the United States and this was the reason behind the Israeli Defence Minister’s visit to the United States four days ago.

israel, iran, war, russia, syria, damascus, hamaIsraeli F-15 fighter jets attacked Hama and Damascus in Syria. These jets also targeted the stockpile of the surface-to-air missiles which had recently landed in Syria. While talking to a news channel, the United States official claimed that the stockpile of missiles had just arrived in Syria from Iran and a majority of the people killed in the attacks were Iranian soldiers.

In the Syrian conflict, Russia has taken over the responsibility of air strikes while the Iranian military is fighting the war on land. Thus, the Iranian military movements in Syria are on the rise and the objective of these Israeli attacks is to restrict these movements, said the official. This official on the condition of anonymity claimed that Syria will prove to be the battleground for the Israel-Iran conflict and also warned that If there is a war between Israel and Iran, all the major countries of the world will be dragged into it.

Israel has not given any reaction to the claims made by this US official. However, Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman has issued a warning to Iran, who speaks of wiping out Israel from the world map. Lieberman warned Iran that it should not try to challenge Israel.

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