Israel warns US President-elect over Iran nuclear deal

Jerusalem: – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern warning, ‘In the coming times, if the United States enters into a new nuclear deal with Iran, the other countries in the Gulf will also make efforts to acquire nuclear weapons. That will turn into a nightmarish and a foolish scenario. The United States should not sign this agreement.’ US President-elect Joe Biden is keen on signing a new nuclear deal with Iran. The President-elect has already announced this intention. Against this background, the Israeli Prime Minister seems to have clearly warned Biden against it.  

iran-israel-8-jan-2 US Treasury Chief Steven Mnuchin recently visited Israel. During the visit, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed gratitude towards the existing US President Donald Trump and his colleagues. Prime Minister Netanyahu said that it was possible to establish diplomatic ties with countries like the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco, only because of the stand adopted by President Trump and his administration. At the same time, Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed hope that more Arab and Islamic countries will establish cooperation with Israel in the future.   

Prime Minister Netanyahu presented his stand clearly regarding the Iran nuclear deal. Avoiding the direct mention of President-elect Biden, he suggested that a new nuclear agreement should not be signed with Iran. Netanyahu said that signing a nuclear deal with Iran will be an act of foolishness. Also, if the Biden administration signs a nuclear agreement with Iran, it will violate the non-proliferation bill. Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that other Gulf countries would also start taking efforts to acquire nuclear capabilities in that scenario.   

Meanwhile, Israel and Saudi Arabia are accusing that the western countries awarded many concessions to Iran in the nuclear deal signed in 2015. Criticising the nuclear agreement, the existing US President Donald Trump has continued imposing sanctions against Iran. Whereas, Iran has put a condition that if Biden relieves Iran from these sanctions, Iran will consider a new nuclear deal. 

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