Israel distances itself from the killing of Iranian nuclear scientist

Tel Aviv: Senior Israeli Minister said that Israel is not connected with the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. But the claims made in the Israeli media are entirely different. Israel has made plans to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb and destroy the Iranian nuclear program. Channel 12, the Israeli news channel claimed that killing of the Iranian nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh was the high-point of the long-term Israeli plan. A reaction is expected from Iran, following the assassination of Fakhrizadeh and the Israeli news channel also claimed that Israel was prepared for the retaliation. Iran is holding Israel responsible for the assassination of senior nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused that the Israeli mercenaries executed the plan to assassinate Fakhrizadeh. Leading newspapers in Iran, as well as the United States, have reported that Israel has perpetrated this assassination. They have relied on the statements made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while talking to the media on Friday.   

iran-assasinationBut Eli Kohen, the Israel Minister for intelligence, while speaking to a military radio channel, clarified that Israel is in no way connected with the assassination of Fakhrizadeh. Kohen also said that the statements of Prime Minister Netanyahu, do not indicate that Israel was involved in the killing. Kohen informed that the Prime Minister, instead, pointed to the government’s success in establishing cooperation with the Arab countries.  

Kohen also clarified that Israel does not feel bad about the assassination of Fakhrizadeh. Kohen commented that killing of someone who is developing a nuclear weapon is in the interest of the security of the Middle East and the world. Whereas, Israeli news channels are claiming that assassination of Fakhrizadeh was a part of the long-term Israeli plan.  

Channel 12 claimed that killing of Fakhrizadeh was the high-point of the Israeli plan for stopping Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Whereas, the news channel, ‘Channel 13’ said that Fakhrizadeh was always a target for the Israeli government and the intelligence agencies.   

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