Lebanon will have to pay a price for Hezbollah’s mistake, warns Israeli Prime Minister

Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern warning by saying that even in the past, Lebanon had to pay the price for the mistakes of Hezbollah, like intrusion and attacks in the Israeli territory. Nasrallah should not repeat the mistake. Otherwise, entire Lebanon will have to pay a dear price for the Hezbollah mistake. The Israeli Prime Minister warned Lebanon in harsh words after the Israeli military foiled an intrusion attempt of Hezbollah.

Israel-Lebanon-Hezbollah On Monday, as per the information given by the Israeli military, Hezbollah made an intrusion attempt from the northern Israeli border. The Hezbollah terrorists opened fire on the Israeli soldiers deployed on the Israeli border. The Israeli military informed that the Israeli soldiers successfully foiled the intrusion attempt. After that, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Beni Gantz pointed out the consequences of these attempts to Hezbollah, Iran and Lebanon. Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that Israel is taking cognisance of these intrusion attempts by Hezbollah more seriously. If there is any conspiracy against Israel through the Lebanese border, the leadership of Hezbollah and Lebanon will be held fully responsible.

At the same time, the Israeli Prime Minister advised Hezbollah to stop playing with fire. For this, Netanyahu reminded of the second war between Israel and Lebanon sparked because of Hezbollah in 2006. Netanyahu accused that Hezbollah chief, Hassan Nasrallah, is trying to repeat the same mistake which he made in 2006. If the Lebanon government does not stop these Hezbollah activities, Lebanon will have to face the consequences. But at the same time, Iran, who has created bases in Syria and Lebanon with the intention of intrusion into Israel, will also have to face the consequences. Israel will not allow Iran to set up bases in Syria and Lebanon under any circumstances. Israeli Defence Minister Beni Gantz clarified that Israel was more prepared now to defend its sovereign territory and the security of its soldiers.

Israel had warned a few months ago that the Hezbollah terrorists are trying to enter into Israel through tunnels. The Israeli military launched a campaign in the border areas for locating these tunnels and sealing them. Meanwhile, in 2006, Hezbollah terrorists had intruded into the Israeli border and abducted Israeli soldiers. Thereafter, the Israeli military invaded Lebanon, and the conflict lasted for 34 days.

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