Israel ready with the list of Iranian targets in Iraq

Third World WarBaghdad/Tehran: ‘In the coming times, Israel will extend its scope of the attacks on Syria to Iraq. Israel has prepared the list of targets in Iraq for this purpose and it may start its attacks anytime, claimed an Arabian news agency. In that case, the Iraqi town of Basra will be in range for Israeli attacks that have already reached the Deir ez-Zor region in eastern Syria’, claimed the Arabic news agency.

Israel possesses accurate information about the Iranian locations in Iraq. Israel also has information of the soldiers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Iran affiliated terrorist organisation deployed in Iraq. Israel has also got its hands on the photographs of the Iranian military bases in Rutba and other locations. The Arabian news agency claimed to have an access to some of these photographs.

israel, iran, iraq, syria, iranianThe concerned news agency said that the photographs available with it, were of locations from Mehram near the Iraqi border to the Iraqi capital Baghdad and Basra. Israel is keeping a close eye on these locations. The corridor connecting Iran to Iraq and Syria, from Mehram to Baghdad-Basra is on the Israeli target.

The Arabian news agency claimed that as per its sources, Iran is preparing to smuggle arms consignments into Syria through these bases in Iraq. Therefore, Israel is trying to disrupt the link to reach the aid to the Iranian military, which is deployed in Syria from Iran, claimed the news agency. The Arabian news agency also claimed that Israel has already made preparations to target this link. Israel has not responded to the report of the news agency.

Israel had objected to the Iranian military deployment in Syria, even in the past. Israel had made a demand with Russia that Iran should withdraw its military from Syria. It had warned to continue the attacks, if Iran and its allied forces did not withdraw from Syria. At the same time, Israel had also warned that it will be henceforth attacking the Iranian locations in the far-flung areas of Syria too.

Following this, a few weeks ago, there were reports of airstrikes on the Iranian locations in the northern Hama and eastern Deir ez-Zor provinces in Syria. The Syrian government has accused Israel of the attacks. Israel, however, has not accepted the responsibility for these attacks.

10 Iranian soldiers killed at the Iraqi border

Tehran: 10 soldiers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were killed in an attack near the Iraq border. Iran has said that the attack was carried out by some unknown assailants.

The Revolutionary Guards soldiers that were patrolling the area near the Mariwan border in Iran were attacked from the Iraqi border area. The responsibility of taking an action against these attackers has been handed over to the Basij group of General Qassem Soleimani, informed an Iranian official.

The Iranian news agency claimed that the Kurd rebels and the terrorist organisations in Iraq were behind the attacks. The incidents of conflicts along the Iran-Iraq border have increased over the last few days.


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